Enjoy good food together

I love good food and like to share this with others. My love for vegetables started at an early age and my first restaurant experience was a bit disappointing because veggies were not really valued. Luckily things have changed over the past years.

Om zelf groente op de kaart te kunnen zetten heb ik een vegetarische koksopleiding gevolgd bij VIP Health & Nutrition. Mijn ontdekkingstocht is net begonnen en ik neem je hier graag in mee.

All my dishes are prepared with organic and local products, where possible. All vegan patisserie is strictly plant based.

Green egg

There is nothing better than vegetables roasted on the bbq

Roasted vegetables

Like eggplant with a spread of grilled peppers and home made pesto

And than there is cake!

As in this combination of chestnut, cranberry and celeriac

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